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Orlando Collection Abuse Lawyer

Protecting the Rights of Consumers

Debt collectors are required to abide by certain regulations, the laws were put in place to protect the consumer and also the credit system. If a debt collector has committed any of the violations below, speak with an Orlando debt relief attorney immediately.

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Per Florida law, debt collectors are not allowed to do the following:

  • Call you before or after specific times of day
  • Contact you at work when asked not to
  • Use obscene language
  • Threaten to publish the debt
  • Threaten to do anything illegal
  • Reveal any information regarding your debt to your employer
  • Threaten to file a lawsuit when they do not intend to do so
  • Calling your play of residence repeatedly with intent to elicit vexation
  • Threaten violence against the debtor or his/her family or property
  • Misrepresent themselves as a lawyer, law enforcement official, or from the government
  • Mail particulars that disclose information that may harm the debtor' s reputation
  • Manufacture or contribute any kind of list which is similar to a "blacklist" for debtors
  • Disclose any information regarding your debt to anyone not in your immediate family
  • Call your place of employment when you have asked explicitly for them not to do so.

Protecting the Victims of Collection Abuse

Collection abuse often occurs because consumers do not know their rights. Unscrupulous debt collections are becoming more common in today's struggling economy. "Junk debts" are debts that are essentially worthless, bought for a small amount of what they were worth. The debt collector will then use illegal tactics to force the debtor into paying the full amount.

Tips On Fighting Against Abuse

One way to defend yourself against harassment is to advise the debt collector that he/she is being recorded whenever he/she calls. Tell the collector you want every statement made to you represented in writing and sent to you. Send the collector a debt validation letter after you receive their initial letter. Demand in your letter they provide evidence of the debt that is owed. Speak with an attorney as soon as you possible, as legal action could be taken against those creditors who violate the law. You can seek relief from their harassing efforts.

Have you been mistreated by debt collectors? Contact a collection abuse attorney in Orlando to understand your legal rights and options. Backed by years of experience!

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